Exercise During Pregnancy – Increase Stamina and Well Being

Exercise during pregnancy – What should you do and what workouts to avoid during pregnancy
Unless you are a professional ice skater, skydiver or jockey, if you have been active before you got pregnant, there should not be any contraindications to stop exercise during pregnancy. The problem is that once your belly starts to grow, the balance may become a problem and falls can become an issue for pregnant mothers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that overdoing it, such as stretching too far in a yoga class, can hurt your muscles and ligaments because a pregnant body has to cope with additional weight and a shifting center of gravity. The ligaments in our core part are already stretched far out so it is likely that there will come a time during your pregnancy ( especially after the fourth month) where you will have to modify your workout to fit your changing body.

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Exercise during pregnancy – Exercise to improve circulation and back pain during pregnancy

One of the most common ailments during pregnancy is a persistent lower back pain that doesn’t always go away with rest. Another common side effect of pregnancy is aching legs and swollen feet.


Funnily for both these complaints, the best solution is a combination of rest and exercise to improve circulation and stamina.

A 20-minute walk in the morning will help your body pump blood up your aching swollen feet. Walking should also help with lower back pain. For a great anti-stress workout try going for a long walk in the park and have lunch on the grass or sit on a bench and enjoy the peace. The trick is never to overdo it, if you feel tired, simply sit down and rest before you continue.

Another good workout to increase stamina and help with the various aches of pregnancy is swimming. Water will take the weight off your feet and help increase your mobility. After months having to face the increasing stress of an advancing pregnancy, your body will finally able to take unwind thanks to the support offered by water.

Exercise during pregnancy – Unconventional ways to keep active

If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional low impact workouts and pregnancy yoga try aqua aerobics, instead of your usual session at the gym. While high impact and cardio training is not recommended for a pregnant woman especially in the later months of pregnancy, aqua aerobics offers a good work out to increase your stamina without putting an additional effort on your joints and ligaments.

However even though I usually favor any exercise involving water, especially when I’m pregnant, my favorite pick when it comes to unconventional ways to keep active during pregnancy is definitely dancing. Dancing will help keep the large muscle groups in your legs and hips flexible and strong and will help them perform the task of carrying the additional weight of your body as your pregnancy progresses.

Though yoga will help you keep flexible and strong, dancing will add that extra touch of fun while working out.
Dancing is a non-impact activity and it is easy to moderate your level of activity according to your need. It will be up to you to work harder or take a slower pace if you need to. While there are those who are adventurous enough to take a class with their partner- ballroom dancing seems to be a choice preferred by many pregnant women -you can also opt to stay in shape in the privacy of your home, all you will need is music and some space.

Finally if the truly unconventional is something you enjoy why not try belly dancing? Moving to music is energizing and relaxing and the regular exercise will keep you healthier and help you sleep better.

According to Gaby Mardshana Oeftering, developer of the video Bellydancing During Pregnancy, the pregnant woman needs to develop a more playful relationship with herself and her baby. When dancing, the woman feels more supported in her femininity and in the functional capability of her body. Moreover, no other such birth preparation guarantees such an intense contact with the baby.

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